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Lantana Bass and Catfish Pond.jpg

Lantana Fishing Pond

Conservation Project (July 2021)​

Lantana Cares funded a multi-year initiative to restore and keep our community recreational fishing ponds healthy into the future. The ponds are located near the Gaillardia (south) and Azalea (north) neighborhoods.

Each summer we restock Tilapia in order to keep algae levels in check. The bait fish die off after the fall freeze and serve as a food supply for the restocking of catfish and bass. In the fall, we replace them with perch and minnows.  

Pellet fish feeders are located at both ponds, giving all the fish in the food chain a healthy, high-protein food source.


Watch for an email on Lantana IAMConnected for the next family fishing event!

splash pad.jpg

Splash Pad at the

Lantana Community Event Center

In September 2022, Lantana Cares completed a multi-year project to open a family-friendly splash pad at the Lantana Community Event Center. The pad is located on the east side of the center and is easily accessible from the community Hike & Bike trail. Neighbors can cool off after a long walk or a round of bocce ball. 


Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT)

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is a place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, & inspiration they need to teach at their best. They offer more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in PreK-12 both online and in the classroom. 

Lantana Cares helps support the increased demands on our teachers by giving them access to resource licenses through TpT. The program began October 2020 and is funded through May 2024.  K-12 teachers (at the 5 public schools that Lantana students attend) and homeschool parents can access to the supplemental curriculum materials they need.


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Guyer STEM Robotics Grant.jpg

Guyer & Harpool Robotics Club

Lantana Cares' donation will be used for building tools that need to be replaced, and to purchase new tools and materials required to start a robotics team at Harpool Middle School. In fall 2022, Ten Harpool students became the founding members of their robotics team. They are competing alongside Guyer's STEM team in this year’s regional competition, CoCo BEST.

Lantana Cares Tutoring Grants

Lantana Cares Tutoring Grants:
Due to education disruptions during 2019-2022 (Covid-19), students needed additional targeted instruction to address areas where they fell 
behind grade level or missed concepts that they need to master.


Lantana Cares received funding from the Lantana Education/Charitable Foundation to help students access tutoring services.  Lantana Cares worked with two established tutoring centers (Mathnasium & The Tutoring Center) to help families get the supplemental tutoring they needed.

This grant program expired on December 31, 2022.



Lantana Pickleball Courts

Lantana will have 10 pickleball courts built adjacent to E.P. Rayzor Elementary beginning in late Summer 2023. Lantana Cares will update residents on the progress of this recreational facility that will be open to the public in 2024.

Lantana residents can join their neighbors in learning pickleball by following this local Facebook group:  Lantana Pickleball Players

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